The Danish Veteran Association

Welcome to Danmarks Veteraner – the Danish Veteran Association (DVA)

DVA is the association of men and women within the Realm – Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland –  officially qualifying as Veterans – either by having been awarded an Official Medal or received an official Veterans ID Card in recognition of their contribution to international missions.

The Danish Government official definition as per 2016

A veteran is an individual who either – alone or af part of a unit – has been deployed at least in one international mission.

The person may still been employed by Danish Defense, however he or she may have left the Danish Defense and transitioned into civilian employment, education or retirement.

DVA Objectives

  • To provide a foundation and facilitate network for all personnel within the Unity of the Realm – Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland, who have been deployed to international missions – military and humanitarian – in order to strengthen and enhance relations and friendships among members.
  • To inform of missions involving personnel from the Unity of the Realm – past and present.
  • To acknowledge and honor veterans – living and deceased – in a worthy manner.
  • To support returning veterans if needed – through Veterans Peer Support (VPS) – and to aim at improving conditions for veterans.
  • To participate in the establishment and support of local associations and initiatives.

DVA seeks to achieve its goals by way of:

  • National and international rallies, meetings, social arrangements and miscellaneous activities.
  • Seminars and information meetings
  • Publication of DVA magazine – Baretten
  • Establishing and run relevant websites and other social media platforms.
  • To inform of the DVA activities though other relevant media

Since 1948 approximately 100.000 Danish men and women have participated in international missions.

The conditions under which missions are being accomplished are becoming increasingly difficult. Fortunately, most deployed return empowered, and subsequently resume ordinary lives. Acquired skills, personal growth and friendships formed during deployment, are implemented in the families, in future employment and are a benefit to society in general.

Veterans form special group in Danish society – both by having already made a difference and continuing to do so. By becoming a member of the association, your contribution to e.g. social activities, represent an acknowledgement of the veterans nationally as well as the work surrounding this effort in general.

Some veterans, however, return from missions with physical or mental injuries.  DVA aims to ensure that all formerly deployed veterans resume a regular and good life when returning. To further this goal the association has formed a special subcommittee – Veteranstøtten – Veteran Peer Support (VPS) with the sole purpose of supporting veterans facing difficulties. 

Danmarks Veteraner (DVA) is the oldest and largest veteran organization representing veteran interests nationally both through the Danish Ministry of Defense, Danish Defense, Local Government Denmark (KL), the Danish Veteran Center and Veterans’ Forum.

Internationally DVA works in close cooperation with veteran organizations from the Nordic countries within The Board of the Nordic Blue Berets. Additionally, the association collaborates with veteran organization in 12 European countries within The Northern European Conference on Veteran Support, as well as representing the Danish veterans in the World Veteran Federation comprising 112 countries.

Danmarks Veteraner – DVA

DVA is a national association with 23 local associations across the country presently counting 3300 members with numbers steadily increasing.

The local associations

The local associations provide the possibility for veterans to get together. They also set the scene for various social arrangements, both specifically for the veterans and for veteran families.  All members are invited to attend any arrangement in any of the 23 associations.


DVA – previously known as The Blue Berets, was founded in October 1968 by a group of UN veterans from the Gaza mission –“UN Soldiers’ Association – The Blue Berets” – with the motto: In honor of the well-organized efforts of Danish soldiers, observers and police in the UN peacekeeping forces”.

From 1968 until 2000 the DVA consisted of members from UN missions only. However, in September 2000 the statutes of the association were changed to incorporate veterans from various coalition missions. Today the association is open to all Danes having been deployed in peacekeeping or humanitarian missions.

A primary goal of the association is to inform of the efforts of Danish soldiers internationally. This inspired members of the DVA to establish the UN Museum in the former Camp Frøslev. Since its foundations the museum has evolved into a professional and independent organization in cooperating with the DVA.

Be a member now

Have you been a part of a Danish international mission and do you qualify as Veteran we welcome your membership in DVA. Anyone wishing to support the work is invited to sign a support membership.